PES 2014 1.0

A realistic football-simulation game with great graphics, animation, physics and gameplay

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PES 2014 1.0
PES 2014 (Pro Evolution Soccer)

PES 2014 is a soccer simulation game similar to FIFA, and this version features updated animations, better graphics, and a superb atmosphere. While different aspects of the game are loading, the screen will populate with suggestions for optimizing your gameplay.

There haven't been many changes to the controls for this version, but the analog stick has been improved for better ball control through a full 360 degrees. One of the most exciting aspects of the new graphics engine is the improved physics for the ball.

Tackles have been redesigned for a smoother, natural feel that looks much more realistic. When two players impact or go shoulder to shoulder, the outcome is determined by the strength, weight, and power of the characters.

This version is paced a bit slower, but that is ideal for team play. It's no where near as easy to steal as it was in the older versions of the game, and you'll actually have to use timing and strategy to force errors so you can strike.

One of the biggest complaints about the past versions of PES is that players sometimes change direction abruptly for no reason at all. For PES 2014, that is no longer an issue. Shots are more realistic, and crossing the ball requires much more manual control in this version.

In PES 2014, the AI system has been significantly upgraded. CPU-controlled players move exceptionally well, and they are harder to predict. They can easily switch back and forth between solo strikes and complex team plays, and they'll take some spectacular shots. You can alter the strength of the AI through six different levels of intensity.

This version of PES takes advantage of a graphics engine called the Fox Engine. This new tool helps the game take more details into account, and it boosts the quality of the character resemblances. The engine is far from perfect, and it has sporadic issues with dropping the frame, but that is a negligible problem. Strangely, this version doesn't allow you to alter the weather with either snow or rain.

PES 2014 also lost some features that many have been wanting gone for some time. The old 'binary' player framework system forced the characters to follow preset frames of action, but that isn't the case for this version. Each player acts independently for the ultimate flexibility.

Thanks to the impressive sound effects, the game has an immersive feel that will make you think you're really in the middle of a packed soccer stadium. The crowd reacts to just about every little detail of the action.

While this game still has a way to go to beat FIFA, it still offers a unique and engaging style of play that's fun, addictive, and surprisingly in-depth for such a game.


  • Intriguing Gameplay
  • Excellent Atmosphere
  • Updated Animations
  • Better Teamwork
  • Play Goalkeeper


  • Slowly Paced
  • No Alternate Weather
  • Some Awkward Movements

Soccer fans can rejoice knowing that the Pro Evolution Series of soccer has released yet another version in 2014. This year, PES 2014 is back and ready to help you take your favorite teams against some of the best competition on the soccer pitch. The highlights for this year's release include new graphics and better controls, but the true reason to get PES 2014 is for the new team play. Even if you’ve played previous version of PES in the past, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is worth checking out by soccer fanatics and casual fans alike.

Team Play

One of the newest features that were highlighted in PES 2014 is the increased level of team play. In previous versions, you could take your favorite player and run around the pitch while scoring at will. There are some players like Ronaldo or Messi that can still do that, but it is going to be much more difficult in 2014. With PES 2014, your entire squad will come together in offensive and defensive strategies. Every pass that is made on either end of the ball will require your team to shift and adjust formations. If your team is out of position, you can bet that the opposing team will certainly have the advantage. The team play in PES 2014 is also very realistic to what you would expect to see by your favorite squads in real life, making it an authentic experience for soccer fans and gamers.


Controls for soccer games can often be touchy. It either seems like the game is too touchy with controls and an attempted through-ball will turn into a cross-field attempt, or the controls aren’t sensitive enough and you’ll fail to hit a streaking player as they shoot up field. With the new Trueball Technology, the game play controls seem to get increasingly better from previous years. There are still a few issues here and there in terms of what player you are trying to control. However, the ability to send certain passes or track down overshot balls is much easier than in years prior. PES 2014 also says that integrates a players height and weight into the controls and their ability to move around the pitch, which seems apparent with bigger and heftier players, against lighter and more agile athletes.


One area that the Pro Evolution Soccer series has always dominated in is their graphics. This trend continues in 2014 with images and game play that are insanely realistic. From the second your team steps on the pitch, you see flashing lights from cameras in the audience. As the ball hops around the field, you notice divots with each bounce. And whenever players make contact with one another, you can see the physical expression on their faces. Overall, the graphics in PES 2014 are once again what sets this game apart from other franchises.


  • The graphics in Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 continue a long line of detailed games. No visual cue goes unnoticed from the players to the pitch.
  • Trueball Technology brings a new element to the game with added control features.
  • Team Play feature is also a nice added touch.


  • Some clubs seem a bit less updated than in previous years.
  • Not quite as clean technically as it is beautiful in design.

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